Noche Remodeling Coping 1.25″

Travertine Remodeling Coping

Available Sizes

  • 12" x 12" x 4"

Recommended Areas

  • Wall
  • Pool
  • Step Treads
  • Bench Seating

Everlasting Beauty of Travertine Remodeling Coping

  • Requires no maintenance or sealing in dry-set applications.
  • For all climates; they are freeze-thaw compatible.
  • Compressed in its natural state for millions of years (5000-7000 PSI).

Coping for pools, step treads, and bench seating come in two different thickness (1.25″ and 2″)

TruStone Remodeling Coping
Colors: Stone products are of a natural origin and will have variations in color and making. All pictures furnished represent only a general coloration.

With a real TruStone Remodeling Coping application, you have an unmatched natural beauty, no two pieces being the same. When used on a wall the blend of natural colors and textures is breathtaking. With TruStone Remodeling Coping you will now have a piece of art at a reasonable cost that will last for generations.

Why choose TruStone Travertine products? Concrete paver manufacturers, for some years now, have tried to imitate the look of real stone but there is no comparison to the real thing. Concrete products are "manmade" and suffer from color pigment fading and deterioration over time.